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Gather weary travelers,

Please, have a seat.


And rest those tired feet.

Feast your eyes on the one and only;

A show built on your biggest fears.

There's flips and tricks,

Yet nothing is as it appears.

There's monsters, freaks, and ghouls

And still many more

If you take the tour...

Here at...

Le Cirque d'Obscure!

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Le Cirque was created by me, D, otherwise known as Lovelylonely, to create a fun collaboration roleplay for all of my friends. I love family-oriented communities and wanted to take one into my own hands. It soon grew to accept people even outside of my circle of friends and now Le Cirque accepts authors and artists of all talents and ages. Le Cirque started in the summer of 2011 and has battled many hiatuses but we always push through and help out our family! We are always open and always accepting applications, so feel free to join if you're interested! As of 27 Jan 2015, Zoingishly was appointed the new owner! If you have any questions, please message Zoingishly!

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Le Cirque is set in southern Italy, in the 1920's. As a young man, The previous ringleader had visions of creating his own place where everything is under his control, but mostly, a place where everyone belongs. He set out to find others who were rejected by society and gave them a place to live and work in a small traveling dark circus. Once the employment numbers began to grow and stuff got too plentiful to lug around from town to town, he decided to settle down in a clearing of a small forest and post signs welcoming visitors during both the day and night. There came a time when Voltaire had to move on, and in his leaving, he granted his long-time friend Lev the honor of Ringleader until the day he might return.

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The morning routine of the carnies consists of repair and preparing for the shows later to come. Once noon rolls around, the daytime attractions start. Come evening, the carnies close up momentarily to have dinner, clean up the grounds, and prepare for the night show at 8pm. During the night show, the real freaks and rowdies come out for a good scare. The circus finally closes at midnight and the carnies clean up once again and then rest for the night.


Main Attractions

beast taming

Side Attractions

fortune telling
snake charming
ice sculpting
petting zoo


Main Attractions

fire dancing
lion wrestling
impalement arts
magic show

Side Attractions

the beast
chimera showcase
story telling
shadow puppets

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